An experienced professional software designer, architect and developer with a unique business acumen to provide maximum value to corporate clients.

With broad expertise in a wide range of industries and technology domains, David brings leadership, creativity and relationship skills to bear on all of his clients' critical projects.


“Dave is a visionary. He is a leader in his field, and within the community. Having worked with Dave, I have no hesitation in recommending him!”

- Sherry Mossotti

“Dave has an incredible knack for organizing business processes, workflow, customer relationship management and more. Dave develops software that meets a company’s unique need. From general IT consultation to software development…Dave is an incredible resource and consummate professional.”

- Tom Soccocio Jr.

“Dave was a great asset to our project. We relied on his expertise and partnered with him to provide services to our clients. Dave brings knowledge and trust to a new level and I would reccomend him for any work that you may have.”

- Dave Bellso

“It is my pleasure to speak to the exceptional skills of Dave Oddy, who I worked with extensively during my tenure at Odyssey Software. In my opinion, Dave's greatest strength is his ability to understand the business need of a stakeholder and, more importantly, create a custom software solution that addresses that precise need. He brings a rich understanding of database design and architecture, so I was always confident that our customers were investing in a solution that was both robust and scalable. Additionally, his extensive documentation and commenting ensured the application was always supportable after the fact. For any enterprise seeking a consultant to facilitate a technology solution, Dave Oddy should be at the top of the list.”

- Gerry Vogler

“As my employer Dave was a teammate, a leader and a friend. His expertise in programming, business logic and project management continues to inspire me to this day.”

- Ryan Mitchell

“David is a great to work with. He is creative, thorough, and diligent in every aspect of a project. He is serious yet easy going which makes the process successful and enjoyable.”

- Mark Loucks

“I am recommending Dave Oddy as one of the best and most knowlegeable IT Consultants in the business. Blend this with his knowledge of running a business and you have a winning combination that is rare for his skill set. Contact Dave when you have this need and you won't be disappointed, he will take you to the next level.”

- Chuck Bartlett

“David and I worked projects together, initially as two seperate entities but as time went on we partnered on projects. David brings insite and exemplary development and project management skills to the table.”

- Todd Davenport

“Dave combines formidable technical skills; an innovative, creative approach to solving business problems; and a zealous focus on getting the job done in a timely, professional manner. And he's a great guy to boot. Two thumbs up!”

- Brian Hoke

“Dave has an active, solution-oriented entrepreneurial mind. He's always looking for the best possible way to solve a customer's (or potential customer's) problem. Further, he's uniquely able to market his ideas so that the value is clear to every stakeholder. As a leader, he sees people's strengths and skills and tries to apply them where they'll be able to do their best.”

- Steven Lott

“I am pleased to say a few words about Dave. I began my career in software development as an intern to Dave. He was an excellent teacher and mentor. Dave has an excellent technical knowledge from a variety of projects and solutions he has implemented. Dave has the ability to understand business processes and create solutions that fit perfectly within the given requirements.”

- Michael Holtzman

“David is a very smart and high-energy technical and software consultant with a great imagination-- the people whom I've introduced to him have all been very pleased with his services and solutions.”

- Paul Hoagland

“David is a savvy business man on the entrepreneurial as well as corporate front who adds immense value to any company he may be called into partner with. His strategy and consulting skills are quite extraordinary! David is also a powerful idea generator and a master at inspiring the team to take action through to results”

- Shellie Kurek Peters

“I would find it hard to believe why any organization in need the services that Dave provides wouldn't contact him. Dave offers a unique insight to the function, operations and the key strategies that improve the performance of the organization. I encourage you to take the first step and call him. A decision you will be glad you made.”

- Lee W. Livermore

“Dave and I have spent many years as members of the Syracuse Chapter of ACM and on the council of the ACM in Syracuse. I have enjoyed working with him in this professional organization.”

- Ann Marie Kane Frink

“We would definitely work with Dave again if we have another project requiring his expertise.”

- Steve Bergstraesser

“In my dealings with Dave Oddy he has always proven to be extemely knowledgable, detail oriented and focused on improving his client's outcomes.”

- Patrick Benz

“Dave is an innovative leader with great communication skills. I truly enjoyed my time while working with Dave.”

- Scott Davis

“I have known Dave very well for over 5 years now. I met him as a client of our firm, but we became good friends. From all accounts, Dave is a very talented IT professional and martial arts instructor. But what impresses me the most about Dave is his integrity and honesty. He is also funny as hell. He is a solid individual, and I recommend him without hesitation to anyone who is looking for help on their website and other IT development projects.”

- Mikio Miyawaki

“Dave is an excellent business leader and solutions provider with exceptional business vision. Dave ensures success through thought leadership and hard work.”

- Tyler Bach

“Dave is a very bright and astute technical professional. Dave taught several one day technical seminars for ACM and was always a hit - prepared, engaging and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dave.”

- Glenn Allen